Oahu Island Turf

Turf Grass That Makes the Difference

Sod & Seed in Oahu, HI

Making Your Landscape a showcase of green

At Oahu Island Turf, we have more than 30 years of experience growing exceptional turf grass that sets your lawn apart from the rest. Now, we're using this expertise to bring you the greenest grass possible! Our customers always tell us that we have the highest quality grass on the island, so contact us today and know you're ordering from the #1 company in Hawaii.    

Sod Being Laid Down

Seeds of Gorgeous Grass

Looking for an even more affordable solution to installing sod? Ask about our seeding services! You have the option of seeding your landscape yourself or having us do it for you. We lay seeds over the top of sod or existing grass to ensure growth.

For superior sod

No one can resist a peek over to your side of the fence when your yard is accented with sod from Oahu Island Turf. Our sod is re-rooted to prevent tear-outs and help germinate the grass. This also ensures your new sod matches the soil better than younger grass.